Thursday, 27 December 2007

A happy ending to 2007

Setting up this blog is more stressful than I anticipated, mainly because I don't seem to be able to make a sensible decision about size, colour or layout. I think it will be a case of trial and error for a while. I'm certainly not sure why I'm doing this but I hope it will be an impetus towards working on my web page. I've had the empty site and domain name for 4 years so it's about time I made a move.

Christmas has been wonderful, two days with my family, and made especially memorable because my 91 year old mother Lina was there with my 22 month old grand daughter Sophia. They get on well and there will be plenty of photographs and videos of them together so that Sophia will always be able to remember her Great Grandma.

We have clung to some family traditions from our Viennese background. Lina has always made Viennese biscuits and Christmas bread and her mother, Mizzi, who lived into her 90s, was always the apfel streudl maker. Somehow Lina and I never mastered the streudl, mainly because Nana guarded the secret, but this Christmas, Suzy my daughter made the biscuits and bread, and Karen my daughter-in-law, made the streudl. What fantastic young women! Sophia will be learning as soon as she can wield a rolling pin and pastry brush.


  1. I used to make streudl ! I wonder where I put the recipe.

  2. Your blog looks great Carol! I'm envious that you can get your pics to enlarge as I still can't do that, except when I'm not trying! LOL

    Your Mom looks terrific for 91. My Mom is 90, and also in a wheelchair.

    Don't you love family food traditions, especially around the holidays! They are the best!!



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