Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Iron Deficient Chef

Iron Deficient Chef is an internet based vegetarian cooking program made by Suzy Spoon & Tracy Smith.

Tracy and Suzy started pre-production in July 2007 and launched the site on 5th April 08. They transformed Suzy’s grandma’s double garage into a production office-come-studio where they make most of the show. Some of the cooking segments were shot with a crew of 8 people in a friend’s industrial kitchen in Alexandria. Each episode goes for 5 minutes and covers topics such as ethical eating and vegan cooking techniques.

Suzy's great passions are vegetarian cooking & making TV, radio, film & all sorts of content. Often she combines them. She has been a dedicated vegetarian since the age of 16 and in the past 10 years had her own vegan cafe, MacDonnas, in Newtown, (Sydney, Australia,) and a vegetarian cooking show, Cooking Cleverly with Beverly, on community TV. Suzy's fabulous recipes are appearing week by week on the website along with short but very entertaining videos, and other relevant information.

Tracy grew up in the small country town of Glentunnel, just out of Christchurch, New Zealand. She studied travel and tourism before venturing to Australia in 1999. She then worked in catering for several years where she developed a passion for food and the arts.

Combining these passions with the editing skills later attained from North Sydney college, Tracy's freelance editing experience, quirky sense of humour and ability to be 10 people at once are invaluable in this uniquely styled cooking show, Iron Deficient Chef.

You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the Iron Deficient Chef. If you'd like to be on the weekly newsletter to be notified as the program changes, please email Suzy and Tracy at biteme@irondeficientchef.com


  1. I read your blog post yesterday morning, went to Suzy's site and watched her most recent YouTube. What fun!!! She is a natural in front of the camera. Then I emailed Kristin, my daughter, with the website so that she could give it to her vegan friend Kristen. After that, I got busy and forgot to email you! Duhhhh! I am going to subscribe to their website. I thought long and hard about how much chicken I consume after watching Suzy's YouTube. My little town of Gainesville, GA toutes itself as being the 'broiler capital of the world'. We see more chicken trucks taking those poor birds to the processing plants each day...the roads are often lined with white feathers, and quite frequently a bird escapes its cage and is seen running along the side of the road. I can't believe I continue to eat chicken after all that! Maybe I'll switch over to only free range? I dunno. Craig and I just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's new book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", in which she recounts her family's year as localvores. It is a very interesting book.

    Phew: I was longwinded this morning!


  2. Carol this is a great link, what a fun cooking site, I can't wait to try the recipes. Happy travels to NZ and say hi to Whangarei (and Heather) for me.

  3. That is a clever show indeed! What a talented person to pull so much of it together with her own abilities. And she has a great sense of humor

  4. Oops! Got called away before leaving a comment when this first went up and in the interim we've had emails whizzing about...
    Yes, an interesting programme and as soon as the sound card is sorted (sigh...) I'll come back

  5. Dear Carol:
    You have been invited to play a game of tag with me at calicocatpress. I hope you will enjoy playing along!

    Dana xx

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