Sunday, 7 September 2008

Such a long silence but now, a decision

Can I possibly be planning to leave my beloved beach to move to the country life? I think so. I've decided, after many years ago abandoning life on the land, to sell my very comfortable home close to the beach, close to the city, close most importantly to friends, to join my son, daughter-in-law and two small grand daughters in co-ownership of a small farm between Sydney and the Blue Mountains. No more coastal warm climate but a cold winter and a hot summer, but in exchange the pleasure of seeing my grandchildren growing up, spending a lot of time with my family and - very appealing, the opportunity to have a go at becoming as self sufficient as I possibly can. I want to grow vegetables and fruit, make my own bread and of course, make books. I've yet to put my home on the market but we've been looking for the perfect small farm and think we've found it, so we have fingers crossed that it doesn't slip through our fingers.

For now, I'm going on a holiday, just out into western New South Wales, no destination, just driving, looking and relaxing. I'm hoping that when I return I'll have retrieved the blogging muse. Thank you to all those who have checked to see if I'm okay. I am - I'm just overwhelmed by life.