Sunday, 28 December 2008

Hot, stormy days

I've survived my first move and now I'm ensconced in the granny flat behind my kids' house. I have everything I need close to hand including the two little grand daughters, who continually make my days joyful, fascinating and exhausting.

Christmas was wonderful, the food was great, the day hot and steamy. Every day is hot and steamy actually, and at the moment it's 90'F here and I'm just hoping the afternoon storm will arrive any moment. What will probably happen is that it will be bucketing down with rain just when I have to put the chooks to bed at dusk, as it was yesterday.

We will start packing up the big house next week ready for our next and major move, and as far as I'm concerned I'm really hoping it will be my last move. I'm dying to get into my new place, which is already called the Dooken Hut (because the children call me Dooken). I've spent the day looking at house design books, getting inspiration and trying to remember what my new space looks like and how I can set it up.

The most exciting thing for me is the separate workroom which is attached to my house but can be locked off to keep the little girls away from knives and guillotine etc. It already has a lot of shelving and a sink, which is great if I'm marbling, and my workbench and plan drawers full of paper will fit really well. As I've spent the past 14 years working in my kitchen and spare bedroom, I really can't quite believe I'll have a dedicated workspace. No excuses now if I don't make books. I won't be there until the end of January so at the moment it's just nice to think about it.

Thanks to all those wonderful bloggers who are patiently following this drawn out saga of finding a new home. I really appreciate your support.


  1. It sounds as if all is well with your new home. I'm sure you'll miss things from your previous life but its a good result for you.
    Have a happy new year in your new studio.

  2. Hi Carol, your new diggs sound wonderful!
    I am sad to say we did not have snow at the cabin, in fact, it was about 52 there today and we took a nice walk. We actually get very little snow here in the part of the US where we are. But boy, they have sure gotten a lot in the Northeast this year!

    I am hoping your new studio inspires many wonderful book making sessions! Love, Dana

  3. Sounds as though it's all dove-tailing beautifully,Carol. Like neat, firm Coptic stitches.
    Lovely to see you back in the blogosphere,too.
    Happy and productive New Year to you!

  4. So nice that you have your land so close to the beach--it sounds wonderful. Hopefully the exhausting move will be done with soon, and you can settle in--your workspace sounds wonderful!

    Happy New Year!


  5. I just vacuumed my studio - something I do often enough but this was the last time this year, obviously, with two hours to go - and realized I need to throw things out in order to work more effectively. That and the stash room clean out and I'll be much happier and more inspired. But not at the end of Jan - for me this would be like.... by winter...

    When you know you're coming to Portage, please email me, Carol. Even if we can't stay, we might be able to drive up and have lunch with you or have a natter. And if Joan has another workshop, most likely I will be there at the very least.

    Have a fabulous 2009 in your new environment. Like you said, no excuses now - I expect to see beautiful books here VERY often.

  6. Your new space sounds like it will be wonderful - and to be close to your granddaughters will be so great. Good luck with your next move.


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