Thursday, 15 January 2009

Moving house tomorrow

One last day to pack, tie off loose ends, try to send as many email messages as possible because tomorrow morning I move into my new house and workspace. I won't have internet access for a few days because my internet provider doesn't "provide" in my street. We were hoping to get cable but it seems only 12% of Australia has cable and certainly not our little rural area, close as it is to Sydney.

I'm helping my family pack and we are really struggling with the heat - 42'C (107'F) yesterday and expecting higher today. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain on Friday when all my vast store of paper gets moved. In this entire saga of moving twice in a month, my greatest concern has been for the paper; except for the fate of my antique china in the hands of a very dodgy removalist. I always assumed that labels like "TOP", "FRAGILE", "NOTHING ON TOP", "THIS WAY UP" and "GLASS" were pretty obvious indicators but not to these cowboys. We've hired a different company for this move but the damage may have been done.

The main thing is that I get there. I suspect a dip in the pool will be first on the agenda to get us in the mood for unpacking. But right now I have work to do, packing, packing and more packing.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! 01-01-2009! Last night (instead of going out celebrating or watching the fabulous Sydney fireworks on TV) I caught up with a lot of favourite blogs. That was a kind of celebration for me and a very satisfying way of spending an evening. I read Meg's page of resolutions with awe, because I rarely make resolutions, but I was quite inspired (thanks Meg) and think that as I'm starting a new life I too should be making a few plans for improvement.

I'm quite good at living in organised chaos and my last house did become almost out of control. Well, to anyone tidy I'm sure it looked completely out of control, but I knew where everything was. However, new year, new house, new workshop - what an opportunity to have a place for everything and everything in its place. I'll try. I think that's as close as I can get to a new year's resolution.

Last night I also caught up with Judy who dyes beautiful fabrics and has a most handsome white Poodle, Barker,
Dana and Daisy - Dana makes beautiful things and has great style, and Daisy is a Calico cat and is the Supervisor,
Di who is a fellow Australian artist and has cats, possums and a wicked sense of humour,
Astrid in Germany, a most talented bookbinder,
Amanda, another Australian bookbinder and ceramicist,
Sarah at Little Paper Bird, a bookbinder,
Barbara at Moon Bindery,
the aforementioned Meg, weaver, philosopher,
Rima at The Hermitage, an artist of extraordinary talent,
Meliors, from New Zealand but travelling around Australia, printer and bookbinder - if you want to know about the Top End of Australia, look a few weeks back at Meliors lyrical adventures, also beautifully photographed,
Rhonda, a bookbinder, always generous with her advice,
Gracia, and Louise, great artists,
Jackie at the wonderfully named Dog Daisy Chains ...

There are still many more favourites to read like Lesley, Sues, and Wendy (QuirkyArtist), whose blog address I can't log onto at the moment and many others. I really love these blogging friendships and to be able to keep in contact with artists who have the same or similar interests is such a privilege. A very happy, creative new year to you all.