Thursday, 16 July 2009

Blind as a bat ...

I can't believe this but I've wrecked my reading glasses and life has become a blur. I'm struggling with a pair of multifocals which make me dizzy and make reading a nightmare. I did think being forced to use them may be a good thing and I'd get used to them - and I'm still trying - but I really don't like feeling that I'm about to fall over all the time.

In the morning I'm abandoning the family for a few days to go north to Gloucester to visit my lifelong friends on their beautiful farm. It's raining steadily so I hope it doesn't turn into a flood that strands me in the country. My friends have been rained-in twice this year when their creek flooded and cut them off from the road. Of course it's a wonderful place to be stranded and their hospitality is legendary so I can think of worse things that could befall me.

My workroom had a new addition today. We bought a very solid timber table and two chairs that are perfectly sized for a three year old, and assembled them. As I couldn't read the miniscule instructions I had to make an educated guess at the assembly but it wasn't too hard. S put in the screws and learned to use an Allen key and was extremely proud of her new skills and I was pretty impressed with her too. She is very proud to be setting up her workspace in my workspace and I know she will be good company for me. She has already cast an eye over my tools and suggested that we can share some things so I feel it will be interesting to see how we both deal with that. There will have to be very strict rules about sharp instruments and they will be kept well out of reach and some locked up.

My mother was very creative, and I have always felt because of her imagination and generosity in letting me make a mess, that I had a charmed childhood. I tried to give that same experience to my children and now I am fortunate enough to have another generation of children to "create" with. As we have a new baby due in a few weeks I expect to have plenty of opportunity to work and play with S (3 1/2) and L (15 months). My house may be chaotic but the little girls don't care which suits me just fine.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Every now and then I beat myself up for spending so much time on the internet, and then I meet someone like you and I don't feel so guilty anymore.

    I found you on here:

    Meet you again in the Book Club!

  2. I wished I had a nice table and chairs like that!! How wonderful it is for S to be learning your craft (as in skill, not art/craft) so early, or whatever areas takes her fancy! You will have to post pictures of her hard at work in due course, Carol!!

  3. hi Carol, that's exciting progress. You really need to let me help, I am an unpacking dynamo. Than you can spend the next 6 years looking for things. ;-) Seriously I am a great slave. Catch you soon, I have fallen down a rabbit hole of work and recovering from work. x

  4. Hi Carol, Enjoy your time away, as I know you'll enjoy having a studio-mate.

  5. As always, a great post. I love this blog! Therefore I'm giving you A Lovely Blog Award. Please go here to collect it:

  6. Hmmmm well, wondering if you are indeed stuck with flooded roads. Glad everything is taking shape in your workspace.

  7. I am very cross with the gremlins that have played mischief with some of my notifiers - especially this blog. I just thought "poor Carol's still treading water" and left you in peace!

    But I'll write at length tonight or tomorrow.

  8. Hi Carol,

    I am following you also!

    I wish I could do the six needle thing, do you know any good instructions?

  9. I want to see pics of your new digs!!!! What a wonderful grandmother you are!


  10. Thanks so much for leaving a comment - I've just overdone things. And how are you? Still suffering re glasses etc? Isn't it miserable... hope all sorts itself out SOON.


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