Monday, 10 August 2009

Friends, family, an award & great blogs

Just a few photos of my recent time in the country. As usual the hospitality was wonderful, the company all I could wish for. The nights were very cold but the days were sunny and warm - what more could you ask for in mid winter? From the wrap-around verandahs there is a view in every direction, often with grazing cattle or horses or just the chooks doing their own thing.
The orchard is presently laden with mandarins, producing wonderful juice at breakfast time, and the stone fruit trees are in flower giving promise of much eating, bottling and preserving to come in summer.
The morning turns from complete fog to this beautiful mist then to brilliant sunshine.
Driving to visit friends we stopped to move this young Echidna (Spiny Anteater) [in link see Monotremes] off the road and to the comparative safety of the ditch. At the sight of me he curled up into a spiny ball, far too spiky to safely pick up in my bare hands. I nudged him gently with my shoe and very tentatively with my hands and succeeded in getting him off the road. On our return trip we looked out for him, hoping he hadn't ended up as roadkill but there was no sign of him so I hope he was safe. Of course I have no idea if "he" was a male or female but can't get my head around saying "it".
Back home this weekend we had a family lunch and the little girls made a floral installation which they attached to the fronds of a ponytail palm. Actually the big little girl made the camellia and clothes peg arrangements and the little little girl did her best to help.
The Karma Friends Award. It has taken me ages to acknowledge this award from Cheryl at scrappy cat. Thanks so much Cheryl. I'm meant to pass this on to 8 bloggers but I think I'll just tell you about some fabulous blogs I've found and if you want to pass on this award then that will be lovely but I know many people are avoiding awards so just consider yourself awarded with no strings attached. Blogging is great for making new friends so this is a very apt award.

I read a lot of blogs, particularly book binding ones so here are a few. I must say that I do like to leave comments because I think it's important that we know we aren't just blogging into a black hole. I'm always surprised when I see that a blog has a lot of followers but there are no comments. So please, if you see something you like, do take a moment to say so.

Shannon at bathtubdreamer has used Keith Smith's Woven Chain Binding;
Have a look at Handbound for beautiful books and boxes;
Congratulations to fellow Australian Rhonda Ayliffe who has been commended by the judges in the East Gippsland Art Gallery inaugural book awards;
Meet book arts instructor and author Pam Sussman;
A most prolific and successful binder is Kristen Crane;
Look at the books, boxes and earrings made by Monica Holtsclaw of Boombox Bindery;
Holly at Often Medieval in Mood (just the name drags me in) tells of Fantasy in the Forest;
See books, boxes and albums by Wendy at Windy Weather Bindery;
and for something completely different, Cake Wrecks for those who haven't come across this usually hilarious, sometimes beautiful, often creepy but award winning site...

I have, possibly foolishly, networked my blog on Facebook. Having done this I now realise I haven't the slightest idea why I did it and it has left me with a huge blank spot near the top of my blog for network followers. I'm not sure what the point of it is, why it will be useful - in fact it is making me think I'm just a complete computer nerd. If anyone has any advice, good ideas (or bad ones) about this, please tell me. I don't even know what questions I need to ask.


  1. I just added myself as a follower of yours on FB Networked Blogs. :)

    I'm on there too and I'm still not entirely sure what it means.


  2. Thanks so much, Carol, for mentioning me in your blog. I am always happy to connect with other bookbinders and book artists.

  3. If your blog friends and FB friends don't overlap, it's a way to get your FB friends to found out and follow your blog, Carol. And like everything else, there are gazillion other ways to do the same.

    Lovely art installation. So good to encourage them at that age!!

  4. thanks for the karma carol! so very kind of you....

    I'm looking forward to seeing what the bookartobject club members get up to - see you at the club house! meeting new booky folk (like yourself)is the most attractive part of the the project I must say!

  5. I do have Facebook, but have to say I hate it! Perhaps I just don't "get" it! Following my book/art/garden/funny blogs already eats a lot of time so Facebook is left to languish.
    Now...some of your favourites are new to me so I'm off for browse. Then I'm off to a sketching morning. And when I come home I'm going to play with that set text...

  6. Hi Carol - glad to see you've had a chance to accept the award. And I like the "no strings attached" part - I struggled with passing the award on myself.

  7. I better figure out how to follow you on FB! Those little girls are sooo adorable. I know you know that, but I wanted to say it anyway.

  8. Hi Carol! Thanks again for the honor of mention in this post :)

    I hadn't heard of Networked Blogs, until this post, and just added mine to the network today. Why not?!

    Hope you're having fun with that new little baby!

  9. I followed your link from a comment on Hope's blog. Hope you enjoy your earrings. I bought Hypatia some weeks ago just after the etsy shop opened and love her.

    I live on upper North Shore. Just this afternoon we found an echidna, about the size of the one you have shown, in our yard. Apparently many don't eat much during winter and then are ravenous in spring. We had long snout shaped holes last year in the summer and thought they were bandicoots. Now we think they were possibly also from an echidna. I've seen them in the wild and on a road as yours was, but never in a suburban garden adjacent to the Pacific Highway!


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