Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Off and away

I've fed the chooks, I've packed up everything but the kitchen sink and I'm just about ready to go. Don't know where, just driving to new places, to find old country pubs, and especially to find junk shops and antique/collectible stores. I'm looking for old children's books, power pole insulators, miniature kitchen ware, especially if it's enamel, and for my friend Hope, I'll be looking for rusty old keys and other metal treasures. And maybe more plants for my secret garden.

Before I go I'll water the vegetable garden with a watering can because we have savage water restrictions. Though apparently if you own a boat you can hose it off whenever necessary! I would have thought trying to grow vegetables to feed your family was more important than any boat but maybe most of the local councillors have boats but no vegetable gardens. We do live on the coast, after all. Where possibly today we'll be having a surge following the awful tsunami that has hit Samoa and the Pacific islands. I don't think it will be a problem here but the news from Samoa is not good.

I'll be back in about 10 days, hopefully with lots of photos (I'm reading the manual now and it helps) and with some treasured junk. One of the great (!) things about being with Vodafone means I'll be out of mobile range most of the time. Sorry Vodafone, but your coverage is really pathetic.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dust storm dawn

Yesterday much of central and eastern Australia was covered in yellow dust. The sky was yellow or orange, visibility was very poor and while there was something very beautiful about it, there was also a strange other-world-ish feeling about the day.

However, we woke today to bright blue skies, the savage wind had dropped and water restrictions were lifted for a day or so to give everyone a chance to remove the yellow dust from every possible surface. Even the plants in the garden had to be hosed off.

Great Grandma Lina, aged 93, with young EJ, aged 3 weeks. They seem pretty content with one another.

A set of sample books I've made for the 'shop'. These are journals, recipe books, 2010 diaries, address books and guest books. They were well received so I'll be making a lot more before Christmas.

I've bought a new camera (a Canon digital SLR) and so far I don't seem to be doing much better at taking photos than I did with the little point and shoot. Maybe I need to read the manual and watch the DVDs that came with it. That will be on my to read list when I go away for a few days next week, bird watching and doing absolutely nothing.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Welcome to the spring gastro club

said the cheery nurse as she hooked me up to the drip! Yep, I've been sick, which is my excuse for not posting, not reading anyone else's posts, not doing anything at all actually, except feeling very sorry for myself. After several awful days which don't need description, I had lost so much weight (only fluid of course, nothing useful), my son took me to the local hospital for a day on the drip. What a difference that made to my spirits - I wasn't cured but it gave me the strength to start getting better.

So far today I seem to be way better than yesterday so that has to be a good thing. I don't have the energy to spend more than a few minutes at the computer but I'm making the most of my lying-down-time by designing what will be my Secret Garden.

The real down side has been staying away from the little kids though S has been coming to give me very serious looks (from a safe distance) each time her Dad comes to visit, and she always asks how I am feeling and hopes I'll be well soon. I hope so too because it's spring, the weather is fabulous ( the family were in the pool while I was in hospital!) and there is SO MUCH TO DO.