Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Off and away

I've fed the chooks, I've packed up everything but the kitchen sink and I'm just about ready to go. Don't know where, just driving to new places, to find old country pubs, and especially to find junk shops and antique/collectible stores. I'm looking for old children's books, power pole insulators, miniature kitchen ware, especially if it's enamel, and for my friend Hope, I'll be looking for rusty old keys and other metal treasures. And maybe more plants for my secret garden.

Before I go I'll water the vegetable garden with a watering can because we have savage water restrictions. Though apparently if you own a boat you can hose it off whenever necessary! I would have thought trying to grow vegetables to feed your family was more important than any boat but maybe most of the local councillors have boats but no vegetable gardens. We do live on the coast, after all. Where possibly today we'll be having a surge following the awful tsunami that has hit Samoa and the Pacific islands. I don't think it will be a problem here but the news from Samoa is not good.

I'll be back in about 10 days, hopefully with lots of photos (I'm reading the manual now and it helps) and with some treasured junk. One of the great (!) things about being with Vodafone means I'll be out of mobile range most of the time. Sorry Vodafone, but your coverage is really pathetic.


  1. I guess the surfies will be out in force! (Latest news I heard from Whakatane was that 'nothing had happened'but that may just mean'another day in Whakatane'
    Have fun!

  2. I'm picturing you showing off your new earrings, too! Drive safely. Don't drink and drive. Watch out for the dust.

  3. bon boyagie, as Bugs bunny would say! And rusty junk! squee! You made my heart go pitter pat. Have a great time- maybe you should buy a Telstra prepaid sim before you go. Fret fret. byeee!

  4. well dear if you're travels bring you down near my creek I do hope you'll drop in! I won't tempt you by saying I have a stash of telephone insulators (a cousin found some in my paddock on a recent visit) and rusty keys (we dug some up when laying footings for the shed) but I will add we have a nice country pub up town!

    have fun - stay safe and happy hunting!

  5. Hope you're having a fabulous time Carol! Sounds like you have lots of great old things to be on the lookout for!

    Yes, I agree about the watering restrictions! When we were having our drought, I couldn't believe some of the things that were and were not acceptable!


  6. happy hunting, i am so envious, that is my idea of the perfect holiday.

  7. Sounds like the best kind of vacation--lots of wandering and looking at old things. Happy travels!

  8. You're back now. Where are the photos? :)


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