Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Home, but going again...

I've had a marvellous 5 weeks in New Zealand, just home long enough to draw breath, open my mail, find two fabulous books from Book Art Object members, and pack up again to head off this morning into western New South Wales. Don't know where, just going. I did want to go to Longreach in Queensland but they've had a lot of flooding up there and I don't have enough time to make a real trip of it, so will stick closer to home.

When I come home I'll be finishing my edition of my book for Book Art Object and I'll show you some of my photos of New Zealand. But just for a teaser, please have a look at More Idle Thoughts where Di shows some photos of a wonderful exhibition we went to, including a photo of Di and me. We have been communicating by email and blog comments for ages but hadn't met until that day. Funny that we both live in Australia but had to go to NZ to meet up. Di has posted quite a lot of photos of the two exhibitions we saw that day, well worth a look. Mine will be coming sometime soon.

I'm off now, to load the car and go. Talk to you later...


  1. Busy lady! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Dear Carol, Have a happy and safe trip. I'm sure you'll return with loads of energy and inspiration to burn.
    Looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all about your adventures.
    Amanda xo

  3. I love to travel but I'd have a hard time keeping up with your jaunts here and there. Sounds like a lovely life though. Have fun!

  4. see you later alligator! take care.

  5. God Speed on your journey; be safe.

  6. thank you for your comment on my blog. What a wonderful life you seem to lead. I did a book binding course with Adele years ago and sad to say dont do much book making, and I do sometimes think that I am mad doing 2 blogs.
    Love that fish too. Will watch your blog with interest.
    Have a wonderful trip


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