Friday, 3 September 2010

Some sparkle, some inspiration and an award

I love a bit of bling, not so much to wear, but to look at, and in Auckland a couple of months ago I was introduced to this fabulous fabric and glitz store. Hundreds of rolls of fabric stood on the shop floor, some absolutely gorgeous, but the amazing effect was produced by the walls, covered entirely with beaded embellishments. I obviously have no idea what they should be called so the best I can do is say "Look at the photos."

I'm so far behind in my reading of favourite blogs that I have about a thousand posts to read. I think this will have to be my early morning activity for a while and now that the weather is improving I think I can manage to get up about 5.30 and get reading. Today I visited Notes from the Voodoo Cafe, where Ricë Freeman-Zachery just about always puts life into perspective for me. Ricë is a straight talker, absolutely true to herself, and today I really enjoyed her post I Want to be Your Flying Pig. If you haven't come across her, dip in. I personally believe that pigs are very superior animals and could fly; they just can't be bothered.

It's a while since I've seen a blog award but Louise of The Fig Tree has very kindly awarded me this Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you so much Louise, I'm not sure I deserve it but I do appreciate the thought.
The regulations state the recipient of the beautiful blogger award must:
*Add a link and a note of thanks to the person giving the award,
*Pass the award onto the most beautiful blogs you love
*Share 7 things about yourself.
Seven things about myself, presumably that I haven't already told you.
1. I once had 3 pet rats.
2. I once had a pet scorpion. As scorpions live under a rock or dark place and only rush out to grab the live food you've given them - well, I found I wasn't really up watching that happen so I gave the scorpion to my niece.
3. I have been foster mother to baby flying foxes (Grey-headed Flying Fox), carrying the baby in my shirt for warmth and feeding bat formula from a tiny bottle. This is a bat with huge personality and there is nothing spooky or scary about them.
4. I collect Hippeastrums. And lots of other lilies.

5. I love photographing reflections. This is at Picton wharves, Marlborough, NZ
6. I love dogs.
7. I'm a current affairs junkie but Australia's hung parliament is wearing a bit thin with me. And with most Australians I imagine.

Now some links to favourite blogs:
 Dymphie at Papieren Avonturen; BookArtObject where you will find links to all the members of our group; Valerie at Acorn Moon; Gracia & Louise at High up in the Trees; Roz at Roz Wound Up; Jackie at Drawing a Line in Time; and Gail at Papergail. I'll try to add links each post because there are so many wonderful book, art, craft and life blogs that it really is impossible to keep up without we help each other.

Please comment if you like - or perhaps if you don't agree - with what I say. I love to hear from you.


  1. goodness - I don't I'd have survived the sparkly store! very brave! and I think you should have a badge or a sparkly award for making it out alive!

  2. WoW! What a shop, I have never seen anything like it, sparkle overload. Did you buy anything, or was it all too much?

    ~ Julie

  3. How did I manage to miss all that bling!
    Nice to hear someone else going to bat for the bats. Yes,lyssa is scary, but shooting all the bats is NOT the answer.

  4. Ronnie, I was completed overwhelmed by the sparkle, I felt like a small child and didn't know where to look first.

    Julie, yep, overload, and I only showed a fraction of it. I bought a tiny bit of something very white and bridal looking.

    Di, I love the bats. Lyssa & Hendra - what a load for them to carry. If I was doing fostering now I'd be having the shots - because they do bite, not being unfriendly but because they're babies and they can. And their tiny teeth are very sharp.

  5. I was a mug not to have the vaccinations when I was in rehab, but since I was not fostering I didn't bother.Then the rules changed and I was no longer allowed to do pick-ups and transport.

  6. Rats..... ((Shiver....)) Australian election - well, anything is better than the current affairs here... But yes, it's getting a bit boring.

  7. Di: I feel as if we should have the shots anyway now that we have them in the trees at night. I keep wondering about the fruit... I won't voice my thoughts here.
    Meg: Pet rats are totally different to ratty rats. They are smart, funny and very clever. Politicians: now there's another animal altogether. No comparison.

  8. i love bling too. a shop definitely from heaven.

  9. We share one more thing: the love for photographing reflections...
    Enjoyed reading your temptations (sparks... in a fabric store) and your loves!

  10. thanks for the award Carol :) I really appreciate it, although I'm a real slack in passing these on...
    Love the photos of the shop, what a wonderful place to visit that must be.
    Now off to visit the other award 'winners' :)

  11. Thank you for the link.

    Fabric shops are becoming a thing of the past, maybe because home sewing is less popular. Your photographs look like Aladdin's cave.. I wonder if you will be doing any cloth bindings?

  12. Ooh! that shop makes my head spin! but I'm like you, a total sucker for reflections and bats. Their wings are so beautiful! Thanks for the link to Ricë Freeman-Zachery.

  13. Ida:There's a lot of bling lovers around.
    Judy: I'm constantly inspired by your garden (and Barker).
    Anna:I'm pleased we enjoy so many of the same things. That goes for everyone who has commented really. Great blogging friends.
    Dymphie:Pass it on if you wish but I mainly wanted to tell everyone about some of my favourite blogs.
    Acorn Moon: My material is so over the top I'm not sure if I can use it to cover a book but I'd like to try.
    Amanda: We share a lot of interests and loves. So pleased you enjoyed Ricë.

  14. Gosh! Thank you. What a thrill. I'll put some thought into my seven things and get back to you. Being a foster mum to a baby flying fox sounds like a wonderful thing to do (and a great deal of work). I like your seven things revealed.


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