Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More from the mailman

Everyone loves getting mail, though these days it's probably more likely to be email than the real snail mail, and I'm no exception. Letters generally turn out to be bills but packages - now there's the thing. I know I should use the library but I just can't resist the real thing; which is ownership. My book! Or in my case, my several thousand books, which are bursting off my shelves, tottering in dangerous piles, and ensuring that I have no flat surfaces on which to work. So, in a tiny act of sharing, I'll show you one treasure that has come through the letter box in recent times.

I think I first saw this book when Anna talked about it and I thought then that it looked highly desirable. And it is. Unfolded : Paper in design, art, architecture and industry by Petra Schmidt and Nicola Stattmann, Birkhauser, Basel. I can't see a date but I think 2010. (I hope I'm just missing it - a book like this needs to be dated. Well, all books should be, but a book of modern design should definitely have a date.) ISBN978-3-0346-0032-3.

From the cover: "Unfolded" presents paper from a new perspective: as a high-tech material and substance for a new generation of engineers, designers, artists, and architects.

For a traditional book binder or book artist, this book doesn't tell how to make a book. What it does, with lavish illustration, is inspire and inform on the amazing and wonderful things being done with paper and paper products. About a third of the book is devoted to Materials and technologies: Innovative paper and manufacturing processes for intelligent lightweight construction by Nicola Stattmann and Marieke Gast. An extremely interesting look at modern technologies.

The cover of this book deserves a word or two. On the book the cover is folded several times, showing the title on the front, other information on the back, but removed and unfolded, the paper is the softly printed, very beautiful (I think A1) sheet depicted here.

This is longer than I had expected so I'll save some books for next time.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Here, there and back again

As usual it has been a long time between posts but so much has been happening, and getting down to business is not my great strength. I've been working on my edition of books for BookArtObject, and I think I've reached a point where I can begin assembling them. Here are a couple of photos of my progress. First the paper on my work bench being ruled up for trimming.
Next the cut strips, Gocco printed, drying, before measuring and folding. I'm not a very competent printer and so I'm not completely happy but I've consoled myself with the thought that these books are very much hand made. The actual shape of the books can be seen here, though I've changed the measurements and they will be smaller than the one pictured.
On the family front we've had the first day of big school and a 5th birthday party. Very exciting happenings and Fia looks so grown up in her new school uniform. We are very lucky in that her little local primary school (government run) is considered one of the best schools in the state. The two little ones also go to preschool (right next door to our house) three days a week and they love it, so we have three happy campers, thank goodness. Look at their enormous school bags!
I have a new obsession to add to the others. I've done an online course with Michael deMeng, learning to use his paint effects. I've been collecting bits and pieces all my life, I have containers of anything that takes my fancy, which is just about everything, and now I want to actually make things with my "stuff". To do the paint effects I had to buy new paints - who doesn't like doing that? I spent a small fortune on them so now I am obliged to make use of them and I'm all set to start creating. Here are my paints. A warning. Buying them in Australia cost four times as much as if I'd ordered them from the US but I needed them instantly to do the course. And they are gorgeous!
I've just spent four amazing days at my daughter's beachside house - in Bundeena, in the Royal National Park in New South Wales. The Park is the second oldest in the world, after Yellowstone, and apart from wonderful walks and scenery, has really beautiful beaches. We packed so much into the four days that I'm feeling I need a little holiday to get over it all. Here is a tiny glimpse of Bonnie Vale Beach.
Here are a couple of links I'm enjoying at the moment. Advanced Style, which shows just how stylish elderly people can be in New York. As I've never been blessed with "style" I feel as if this is something to aspire to when I'm in my 80s. And a booky link. I'd seen some of these before but not all.  I see that Brian Dettmer is in there - I don't think I ever get tired of seeing his work. Here is some more of it.

We are in our second week of autumn/fall and so far it's still hot and humid. In spite of most of Australia being flooded (still) we are in a mini drought here in sunny Wamberal. I'm so looking forward to autumn, with the milder days, cooler nights and that wonderful feeling in the air that you only get here in spring and autumn.

If you're an assemblage artist and find your way here, please let me know. I love to hear from everyone, whether your interest is in books, natural history, rusty things - or anything at all.