Sunday, 3 April 2011

Rust, gardening and new books

Not sure if I've mentioned my new obsession with rusty stuff but I seem to be filling up my house (competing with the piles of books) with rusty tools, circuit boards and anything that has an interesting shape. Here's a small sample.
I'm resisting starting to make anything from this lot because I need to keep my studio rust free while I'm making my BAO books but once I've finished those I'll be dividing my space so I can have both occupations going at once. I've signed up for another Michael deMeng online class to start in May, on the use of tools, such as the Dremmel and heavier power tools.

I was delighted this morning to see that I've won a print on Diane Lou's blog. Diane is an assemblage artist and I've recently bought her book "Transfers and Transparencies ... and other fun ways to use your inkjet printer." To quote from the back cover: "Safe, easy, non-toxic techniques that yield professional results."

Suddenly it feels like Autumn/Fall and it's really delightful after all the heat and humidity. We've even had some rain so getting out into the garden is a pleasure. I planted another 100 bulbs yesterday, a little late for some of them but I'm hoping they'll surge away with the damp soil and the slightly cooler temperatures. I've planted belladonnas, daffodils, jonquils, freesias, and Dutch iris, and I have my fingers crossed for them. The Satin Bower Birds are back and stealing from the chooks. I still haven't managed to get a photo here in our garden but I did catch this male, also a Satin, when I was last in Queensland. His eyes really are violet.

Just to add to my collection of early animal books, I purchased a copy (reproduction of course) of Conrad Gesner's "Von den Hunden und dem Wolff". Gesner [1516-1565] was a Swiss naturalist and produced encyclopaedic volumes on natural history. My new book is in German and shows some of Gesner's dog illustrations.
I now have four issues of the Australian Book Arts Journal, which commenced last April 2010. This is an Australian journal dedicated to book artists, book binders, printmaking, letterpress and zines. There are profiles, interviews, articles, reviews and exhibition news. Each issue has had a theme : Beginnings; Women of the Book;  Text as image, Image as text; and Men of the Book. See the website for subscriptions.
Daylight saving ended last night which means all the east coast of Australia is on the same time zone. I love it when it starts, and then I love it when it ends. Easily pleased, me.