Monday, 23 May 2011

Autumn at the beach

I'm spending an idyllic 4 day weekend at Bundeena Beach, an hour south of Sydney. After a few weeks of sick kids and even sicker adults, including me, I felt a few days away wouldn't go amiss. This is something of a practice weekend, because next weekend I'll be back again to dog sit Basil the Beagle, and in July I'll be here for 4 weeks while Basil's humans go to Europe. This is a gorgeous part of the world to live in, three very different beaches within a short walk, situated in the world's second oldest National Park, cafes, and a very artistic community. I think I could happily live here - if I could afford two houses, which seems most unlikely.

I'll try to add photos when I get home, especially of the birds that try to coax me to share my breakfast.
Done: First the Rainbow Lorrikeets, noisy, showy but very pretty. Then there's the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, inquisitive, cheeky and as for noise, they make the Lorrikeets seem like amateurs.

At home work is piling up in my studio as I'm making a heap of books and picture frames for the QVB shop in Sydney, and also working on my edition of the poem  "Paper Wrestling" by Claire Beynon for Book Art Object. Once "Paper Wrestling" is completed I plan to completely rejig the studio to make space for assemblage art, which I think is a generous but hopeful way to describe my collection of found and rusty materials.

This week I'm starting another online course with Michael deMeng, this time on using the Dremel drill and other tools. I love my Dremel (it doesn't take much to make me happy) and for my birthday I was given lots of attachments for it, so I can't wait for the course to start to really try them all out.

It's evening now, Basil is snoozing beside me on the sofa, and I'm listening to the flying foxes (fruit bats) squabbling in the trees, which reminds me of home (where they shriek all night). What I'm not used to hearing is the sound of the water ebbing and flowing just a few hundred metres away. The night sky here is just full of the Milky Way, a real delight, because at home we have too many trees to see the stars clearly from our garden. Beautiful Bundeena, beautiful Wamberal. I'm feeling very fortunate to have such lovely places to live.

 I loved that someone produced this work of art on the beach.