Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Playing with iPhoto

I've just added a couple of photo apps to my iPhone and iPad and I can see that this could be a great time waster. But a lot of fun. Not sure how this works on Blogger so if photos don't appear I'll put it down to not reading the instructions, and try again later.

Photos are Suzy's 1964 Honda, some poly pipe, beach flowers, and a Lake Eyre shot.


  1. Hmmm... Well, now I know I can send a post from my iPhone or iPad and that the photos do show up. I'm not exactly impressed with the photos but surely I'll get better at fiddling with them. I've committed myself to a Stax challenge tomorrow so I'll see how those photos turn out. Then back to more Lake Eyre and Flinders Ranges.

  2. Carol, I love those photos. What app are you using to get such changes? They are quite phenomenal!


  3. oh what fun! I've been organising/learning better ways to post from iOS devices over the past week too..... I was thrilled to find the very easy, very reliable blogger app (mmmmmm so much better than email to blogger)

    there'll be no holding me back now!

  4. The pictures look rather "printerly." I'm assuming you can also send them straight out of the camera, with no adjustments?

  5. Judy: the apps I downloaded are Photoshop Express and Camera+. These pics were an experiment with PSExpress. I need iPhone for Dummies now.

    Ronnie: the Blogger app amazed me. Esp as I downloaded it to my iPhone then found it had also downloaded on the iPad. Modern miracles!

    Di: Very much fiddled with to get them like that and next time I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing. I used the Blogger app and the pics just went straight onto the blog. I normally downsize all my pics so I'm not sure how big these really are. The Honda did lose its nose on the blog photo which I couldn't see until I'd posted.

  6. Really cool and interesting effects, Carol. You are so much more tech-savvy than I am!


  7. C- great series of app manipulated shots. B


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