Saturday, 28 January 2012

The good news and the bad news

The good news is that I've had three days in Sydney (on top of my week in Brisbane), staying with my NZ friend Sheila in Paddington. Paddo (we abbreviate everything in Australia) is a very upmarket suburb full of streets with charming 19th century terrace houses.

Sheila and I wandered the streets, window shopping, buying and eating delicious food, drinking NZ Sauvignon Blanc wines, and enjoying the ambience of this sophisticated and cosmopolitan area.

Australia Day, 26 January, was celebrated on Thursday, with parties, picnics, lots of drinking, and of course, the obligatory Sydney fireworks. We were just spectators, spending most of our day checking out the great bookshops in the area.

Next day I set out for my longish trip home, by bus and train. My car was at the railway station - and this is where the bad news comes in. Surrounded by shattered glass, with the back passenger's window completely smashed in, beer bottle in the glass on the back seat, and the ignition disemboweled, my car was a very sad sight.

Fortunately my family came to the rescue but while I was waiting for them a local security guard drove up to tell me he'd disturbed two young drunken men last night as they were trying to hot wire my car. They got away but he said one had an Australia Day flag poking out from his pocket. So much for their Australia Day celebration. Too much alcohol, no brains.

My son managed to wire the ignition back together so that he was able to drive the car home. Eddie, aged 2, commented "oh no, Cawol's car broken". That about sizes it up. Could have been worse of course- if they hadn't been disturbed they'd probably have gone for a joy ride then set it alight. So, the glass is half full...

Photos are of terrace houses in Paddington, sunrise over Paddo rooftops, and my sad little car.


  1. The glass half full...I like that.

  2. Thankfully YOU'RE okay Carol.
    I can imagine the dismay with the car; sounds like something that would happen here.
    Hopefully you can get back to having wheels soon.


  3. 'glass half full' - good on you for remaining positive..... and good on t he security guard (just wish he/she was a bit faster on their feet eh?)

  4. Aren't people amazing. Glad you got to enjoy the rest of your Australia Day beforehand.

  5. Your poor, poor car. I am glad that you had pleasant times before that. Glass half full works for me too.

  6. Oh what a bother Carol! It's so inconvenient being without a car. It is good news that they were interrupted before they managed to steal the car. Drunken youths "celebrating" Australia Day really annoy me! So often they seem to use a bit of flag-waving as an excuse for doing whatever they feel like. Hope it's sorted soon!

  7. Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate them. Being without the car is annoying but I'll cope. At least I still have the car, which so easily could have been a burnt out wreck by now. Today I have to bite the bullet and remove the glass. Unlike windscreen glass it is in long razor sharp shards, not nice to deal with.

  8. Not a nice finish to your time away Carol, but I'm glad you got it going again for a bit. I also hope the cleaning went OK. Asvyou say - a glass half full and I'll drink to that! Go well F

  9. not nice! Very positive of you looking on the bright side.

  10. Fiona and Gail,
    I nearly expired vacuuming in 33' temp but the car has never been so clean. Being positive is the only way. I've been accused in the past of being too much of a Pollyanna, but I'd rather that than being known for a "poor me" attitude.

  11. But what a lovely visit and holiday; so glad it was only the car that was smashed and not you!

  12. Sandra,
    So lovely to see you here. My son is putting a new window in the car as I sit here.
    I've just paid a very long visit to Thistle Cove Farm, which has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I must return more often.

  13. What a bother to come home like that. Luckily you had help to get you back home safely. Ugh, that could spoil me the whole trip. Good to read that your glass is still half full - found anything interesting in the bookshops?

    (Have I posted two comments? Doh, had problems with the capture code. I assure you I am not a robot, but I still always struggle with those!)

  14. Glad you found my blog Carol - thanks for your nice comment.
    A sad tale of your car but it sounds like you have it sorted now, thank goodness. Interesting blog & your books look wonderful.

  15. Hilke & Linda, great to hear from you both. The car is fine, though as it is parked in the garden it gets covered in spider webs. I feel as though I'm a member of the Adams Family, it looks so spooky.


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