Friday, 20 January 2012

Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

Still in Brisbane (hot and so very steamy), I had the great pleasure to meet a longtime blogging friend, and fellow member of the artists book collective Book Art Object, Amanda Watson-Will.

Yesterday Amanda, Leone and I visited Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens for a walk in the shade followed by a welcome break in the coffee shop. There was lots of artist book talk and I felt more inspired to get back into making books than I have for a while. I would like to combine my new interest in rusty things and assemblage art with my old love of book binding - which will entail a complete reorganization of my studio. Organization is not my strong point, let alone reorganizing anything... Anyway, back to the Gardens.

Always a reptile lover, I was delighted to see several lizards crossing the paths or sitting statue-still in the shade. There is a large colony of Water Dragons in the Gardens so I am assuming that's what they were. Brisbane is home to Bearded Dragons too, so perhaps we saw both. Whichever they were, they were completely uninterested in the human invaders, barely giving us a glance.

Pictures follow, I suppose in whatever order Blogger chooses to place them. I apologize for the blurry dragon. He (I think "he" because he had a reddish underside) was a bit too far away for the iPad to cope with. The photos are of one of the ponds, a cycad, a lily I haven't yet identified, a charming koala sculpture, my blurry lizard, and Amanda and Leone by the river.

When I return home to my desktop Mac I'll try to improve on the dragon pic, and I'll add links. I love being able to use the iPhone and iPad to blog but it's just not the same as the full Blogger. If you have any hints I'd love to hear them.


  1. You're back!
    Lovely to meet fellow bloggers, isn't it? (Waves from Mackay)
    Your lily is a Cardiocrinum, but I'd have to dredge the books to say which!

    I'm somewhat deficient in the re-organisation department too, but P. has been "moving mountains" in the office.My turn next-argghh!

  2. Hi Carol,
    It was really lovely to meet yesterday, although it felt as if we were just re-connecting face-to-face after so many years of online friend ship.
    When I got home I used my photo of the lily to search google images and it confirmed it is a Spider Lily (Amaryllidaceae).
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

  3. Oops! Not a cardiocrinum. It's generally called White Crinum or, as Amanda says, Spider. Some have been Xd with others so they are a bit of a lottery.Worth having, though, if you have a shady spot that doesn't turn to brick on hot days.

  4. A fully planned to take photos but only snapped a couple of shots because after such a long drive, the little ppl were very wriggly and just wanted to run raucus. will get a couple up soon as well as pix of the ones i bought.
    it was fun

  5. Di and Amanda, thanks for the info about the lily. I planted two crinum bulbs a couple of years ago, different colors I think, but so far they are just sitting doing nothing. Bit disappointing though the hippeastrums make up for them.

  6. I love reading your posts and seeing photos from your corner of the world! You always share such amazing things.
    And isn't it fun to actually meet blogging friends! I've had that opportunity with a few too, and it is terrific. I hope you and I will meet one day!


  7. Judy, I really hope we meet someday. We so enjoy similar things. I think it may have to be you visiting Australia though...


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