Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Home again, home again, jiggity jig...

Home briefly after a wonderful week in Bundeena (thanks L&T), and another week zooming around Central NSW. While just about the entire eastern coast of Australia was awash, I was swanning around in delightfully warm to hot weather, roaming beaches, bush walking, attending country agricultural shows... Well, only one show, but it was excellent, with dogs, horses, cattle and alpacas. I've also stayed in very old pubs, looked at a lot of art, and discovered some great rusty stuff to satisfy my newfound need to collect other people's junk.

This weekend I'm heading south to a wedding in Melbourne, Victoria. Going to risk life and limb wearing my fabulous Italian shoes - with heels. I haven't worn them since the last wedding and I've been practicing each day. My grand daughter finds this hilarious!

My tools for my next workshops - Jeweller's Saw 101 and Keith Lo Bue's Forging - have been arriving in the mail. The tiny saw, the unbelievably wispy blades, files, a bench peg for the 101, and a steel block, a leather mallet, and some lovely pliers for Keith's class. Very different to all my book binding tools, and I just love them. Both courses are held at The Sydney Jewellery School, one in March, the other in May.

I received a delightful gift from Amanda today, a zine she has produced, a beautifully printed and engineered little book. I still don't know how to do links on the iPad but you can find Amanda at amandawatson-will.blogspot.com
Thank you Amanda.

I've been taking lots of photos but most are not on this iPad. So this will be just a quick peak until next time. I'm sneaking in one of Eddie on the slippery dip, just because I can. The others are sunrise in Bundeena, a young kookaburra who hangs out at the house after being taken there to visit by his parents during summer, and maybe one horsy shot from the Gunning Show. In whatever order Blogger chooses.


  1. Look at Eddie - he's such a big and handsome lad! I love that photo....and his hair is so fabulous! I wish mine was that red!
    All beautiful pics. I'd not seen a kookaburra before - fascinating bird.
    Have fun in your classes.......and do be careful in those shoes! lol


  2. I love the sunrise over the water. Magical. And Eddie having so much fun and concentrating sooo hard. And the kookaburra. What can I say, I loved them all.
    Take care not only on those shoes but using the new tools.

  3. Judy, yes Eddie is such a big boy now. Vocabulary improves every day and he has no problem making himself understood. He is sweet, gentle and generous, as are the girls. And the hair is stunning.

  4. EC, have you been to Bundeena yet? Seems to get more beautiful with each visit. Kookaburra was just one of the visitors. I must do a proper post about my favorite place.


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