Friday, 23 March 2012

App recipes

Here is my sample for Dave's App Recipe Book Project, March 2012 Edition. Find Dave at

Lots of interesting, clever and fun apps to be seen here each month about this time. My entries are very simple, so here goes. 1. Here is my original photo of Sydney Opera House.
2. Adding WordPhoto.
3. Snapseed which offers LensLight. A bit of fiddling then I chose Lightning, saved then added Gold Rays.
4. PhotoArtistaHaikuHD. I just fiddled, looked, eventually saved.
Now, I wonder what order Blogger will put the photos in. Hopefully you'll be able to identify them. (Yes, they're mixed up. I can't figure how to fix this on my iPhone. Sorry.)

Don't forget to add a comment to the previous post if you'd like to be in the draw for the book I'm giving away this month. Good luck!


  1. Carol....these images are great!! And don't worry, we're all on a learning curve of some sort when it comes to apps. This is one of the reasons I started my we all could learn new tips!! Thanks so much for joining in!!

  2. Oh wow Carol, those photos are all so cool! I'm going to have to go to Dave's site and get busy!


  3. Haha- I think Blogger did mess up the order, but I figured it out :) Glad you joined the project. Photos look great. And I've never heard of PhotoArtistaHaikuHD so I learned something new!

  4. Love the word art app, now I have to find Android apps that do the same. :)Beautiful photos.

  5. C- glad to see you are still playing with the apps - I find that it is one of those little creative things I can do when I have time for nothing else. I hope to publish a blurb book on my favourites over the last 212 months. Go well and enjoy. B


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