Sunday, 11 March 2012

Melbourne pics

I don't really know Melbourne, the capital city of the State of Victoria, so I was pleased when invited to a wedding down south to take the chance to explore a little. With my travelling buddy Jen, we flew down on Friday and on booking into our hotel found we had been upgraded to a very handsome suite. It really was a shame we were only staying four nights.
 This is the Exhibition Building, an example of the beautiful Victorian period buildings in Melbourne. Our hotel was just across the park.

The wedding was lovely, a very joyous occasion, and a happy chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

Jen and I did some exploring each day and soon realised that we needed at least a week and probably much longer to do justice to the galleries that abound there. Opposite the Exhibition Building is the modern Museum of Victoria, seen here in the following two photos.

The National Gallery of Victoria has some very interesting architecture. From inside the foyer one feels as if in an enormous spider's web. I loved this effect and from outside it was also quite stunning.
Among the many delights of Melbourne I discovered pear cider. (Thanks Jen!) I've never quite understood the charm of cider so this came as a revelation to me. Absolutely delicious!
I think I fell in love with the glasses! I've briefly searched the internet to see if I can buy some here but so far no luck. I'll keep trying.

My daughter Suzy is doing a Small Business course and as part of it she has had to start a blog. If you'd like to see Bundeena in the rain, please drop by, and she'd love you to leave a comment.

Another page I think you'll enjoy is Meliors' new web site. Her excellent blog is still at Bibliophilia. I find Meliors an inspirational artist, constantly progressing in her art to encompass huge conservation issues along with the minutiae of nature.

Speaking of nature, here is a little bit of my garden. One of my favourite flowers, the Naked Lady, always surprising me because I tend to forget where they are planted. What could be happier than a pink lily? Really called Amaryllis belladonna.
I've joined the walking wounded, to my great annoyance. I fell off a ledge and have done something very painful to my shoulder. I've been xrayed and ultra sounded and have no broken bones or tears, but what I do have is a lot of pain and discomfort. It's making me nervous because I have my class on the Jeweller's Saw in less than two weeks and I have visions of learning to use it with my left hand instead of my right. Right now I'm feeling the complete clutz, and constant painkillers aren't helping my thought processes or confidence.

 I think I'll go to bed and watch Stephen Fry. Surely he's the cure for all ills.


  1. I love the old victorian buildings of melbourne... although I'm not a city gal - I do enjoy melbourne town.... (hope you're feeling 100% soon - and that I might find some pear cider - I've never heard of it!)

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog mum, you always do all the right things. I hope your shoulder is better in time for your saw class. Love you. xxxxx

  3. Melbourne has always been my fav for no real reason, and we've been hoping to spend some quality time there, but I have to say, I was mightily impressed with Brisbane a few weekends ago. Must get to those photos myself.

  4. I had forgotten Melbourne's charm. Thanks for reminding me - I hope your shoulder improves quickly.

  5. Ronnie, Pear cider is apparently just one flavour in the new Best Thing in the bar world. Alcoholic, and I imagine pretty dangerous because it just tastes delicious and makes you feel you're just drinking a nice innocent fizzy drink. This is less of a warning to you than to me...

  6. Suzy, I'm really enjoying your blog. If I can't be there then it's the next best thing. Shpulder improving, maybe today I'll try out a bit of gentle

  7. Hi Meg, I loved Brisbane when I was there a few weeks ago. I thought the art galleries were stunning.

  8. Hi The Elephant's Child, thanks for dropping by the Bundeena Veggie garden. I enjoyed Melbourne and Brisbane but I think Bundeena is where half my heart is.

  9. I have several blog friends who live in Australia.. you live in a very interesting country. I would also love to have a glass of pear cider.. and keep the glass!

  10. Layers, lovely to see you here. Your blog is so beautiful, full of inspiration. I advise everyone pays you a visit.


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