Sunday, 22 April 2012

App art, again

Using Flowpaper I chose an aqua background, swirled randomly with Brushes, then saved.
I opened Blender and put in the saved Flowpaper picture on one side and an earlier PaperCamera photo of spiky leaves. I chose Colour Burn, then blended and saved.
I opened that result in Tiny Planets, and just fiddled around until I found three versions I liked, rotating a couple of them then saving all three.
Then I opened Frame Magic and dropped the three photos into a three pic frame, then saved and used the Blogger app to send to my blog. Whew!

Don't forget to watch out on April 25th for Dave's App Recipe Book Project, April edition. Sophia (aged 6) and I will both be taking part.


  1. Wow! That's gorgeous Carol! Thanks so much for the full walk-through. xx

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I find it very relaxing, especially when I can't sleep. And I can work on the iPhone anywhere, even more so thn the iPad because the iPhone is always with me.


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