Thursday, 19 April 2012

App art

Here is my offering for today. Three photos that I apped so long ago that I can't remember what I used but I put them together using FrameMagic.
Well, the frangipani was taken with PaperCamera but the others are a bit of a mystery.


  1. See, I'm dead clueless about these hi-tech thingummies. But I DO know what the flowers are!You didn't disguise them that much!

  2. Nice composition! I love rediscovering old things that have become new to my eyes. Making mystery out of experience...

  3. Love it!
    No clue how to DO IT, which is fine as it adds to the mystery. :-)
    Beautiful colors....


  4. Di, I thought their disguise was fool proof. I'll never make a gardening spy.

    Ersi, thanks, I like the idea of mystery.

    Anne, I'm glad you love it and very pleased to see you here again.


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