Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fia's app recipes

Here is Fia, 6 years old and determined to get her own iPad. No chance, I'd say, for quite a few years but here are a couple of examples of her app art. The first had nothing to do with me, she was just experimenting. First, she found my PaperCamera photo of frangipanis.
This is after Fia's use of the app Percolator. She was very thrilled with the result. It's in reverse. I have no idea why or how.
Fia draws on the iPad and saves her pictures in Photos. This is a purpose drawn scribble because she saw me using Tiny Planets and fancied it.
She saved the drawing and was straight into Tiny Planets.
We ended up with about 10 versions and this was another one.
I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Dave's App Recipe Book Project -  25 April Edition 

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  1. Fia...these are incredible!! You really do need your own iPad! Keep asking for one!!! Thanks for participating in my project!!!

  2. These are great! My 4 year old is an advid iphoneographer too.

  3. These are great Sofia, well done. You are an artist like Dookins. love you xxx

  4. Sorry I didn't sign my name,
    love Suzy

  5. Wow Snorkey Pants, your pictures are fantastic.
    I think you have found your calling. Carol at least you'll know where your ipad has gone if you can't find it. Tracy xx


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