Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Joining Dave's App Recipes for April

Following on my swirls of yesterday I started with another Flowpaper swoosh around, just using my finger. I found a photo of bamboo that I'd taken with iPhoto, opened it in Moku HD.
Straight into Tiny Planets and tried various views then chose this.
I then blended the swirl and this bamboo pic and did a bit of finger tweaking to minimise the bamboo.
 Finally another shot at Tiny Planets and I ended up with the Fan Dancer!
I'm not very good at making notes as I go along, so I'm sorry if there's not enough information. I do find my mind rushes on ahead and sometimes I end up with a result that is a complete mystery to me.
If you've missed joining Dave's App Recipes this month, there'll be another chance in May.


  1. Carol, that is just phenomenal! I can imagine how you get so caught up in the creation that you forget to take notes. I do the same thing when I am dyeing, and then when something turns out especially nicely....well, you know the rest of that story!
    This is beautiful, and I am going to have to try it!


  2. This is phenomenal! Love how you used these apps!! I really like the "twirled" bamboo's a great image in itself!!

    Thanks again for participating...I do appreciate all your support!!

  3. Notes? who needs them when one is engaged in creativity? I agree with the comments, phenomenal!

  4. Carol I know what you mean about keeping track. I have some great app worked photo but have no idea what I did.
    You did a wonderful job , the photos are striking.


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