Sunday, 1 April 2012

We have a winner

Velma is the winner of the book "handmade Books" and it will be going into the mail in the next few days. Congratulations Velma! There will be another book giveaway this month so watch out for it.

I've just spent a week in inner city Sydney - and managed some lunches, a dinner, a movie and a visit to my favourite art shop. I was cat sitting so here are a couple of pics of Kiki, my house mate for the week, as well as a frangipani flowering on the balcony. Photos taken with the iPad app PaperCamera. I love it!


    nifty photo app, too.

  2. I love that app Carol! Hope the wandering is over for a bit and you might be heading home...Go well.

  3. Oh I love this one too! I've just uploaded it to my phone! Thank you for introducing it to me.



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