Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Weird Wild Wonderful art swap

I am the Australian coordinator for this swap which is under the umbrella of Art is ...You. See below:
Artwork by Swap Contributor: Sandee Sharcoff Hyde

We are thrilled to host a swap that will unite artists from around the World. Our theme for the swap will be centered around WEIRD WILD WONDERFUL.
You do not need to attend an Art is...You Retreat to play.  In fact that is what is going to be so Wild about this...This swap is open to any artist wishing to be a part of the Art is...You wider family.
Requirements for participants.
Send in 6 equally beautiful 4x6” pages and get back 5 stunning pages from other participating artists. The sixth page will be retained for two reasons. Firstly it will be photographed and displayed online with your name / blog / website and then it will be included as a page in one of two beautiful handmade books that we will raffle off for charity.
Entries must be submitted to your local international coordinator by July 1, 2012

Full Details
  • Quantity: 6 (six) “art pages”.
  • Theme: Weird Wild Wonderful
  • Format: Landscape
  • Size: 4 x 6” , leave a 1/4” margin on the left (of the 4 inch side) of each piece
  • Depth: No deeper than 0.5 inches
  • Materials: Substrate may be paper, cardstock or fabric. Use any medium, paint, glue, glitter, fibers and more
  • The back: should be 'decorated' with something and it must include your information - name, country and contact info ie: email and/or blog
  • Mail to your closest coordinator: Carol Cantrell (Australia), Colleen Peck (USA East), Julie Panusis (USA West), Margarida Alberty (Portugal) or Dawn Gold (UK) – to obtain their contact details you must email us.
  • Postage: Please include the equivalent of 5.00 USD to ensure we can mail back to you the swapped pages.
 Give yourself permission to play! Make new friends from around the world!
 You may of course leave me a comment expressing your interest but please make sure you leave me an email address so I can get back to you.

I've never done anything like this before so I'm looking forward to your support. Six small (and beautiful) art pages! Doesn't sound too hard...


  1. Hmm...I'm thinking sketches I could do while away...
    Let me sit on it for a bit.

  2. Oh, I'd love to participate in the swap! There's just one little detail I'm not sure I understand: Do the 6 pages need to be bound? If not, what is 'the back'? Just the back of the 6th page?

    Thanks, this is a great project!

    My email:

  3. Oh, I wanna do this!!!!
    Thank you for sharing it!


  4. Di, I hope you decide to join in. Some sketching on those long flights may help pass the time.

    Ersi, no, the 6 pages are loose as they'll be distributed to other people. I think each page needs to be decorated, mainly on the front but the back also will need some decoration and all your details. I'll check with the organisers and email you.

    Judy, I'd LOVE you to do this...

  5. Sorry I can't participate this time Carol. Maybe next round - if I ever get going with my BAO edition, that is!

  6. Amanda, I so understand. Considering the problems I had getting my BAO projects finished, I'm just hoping I can do better this time with the swap.

  7. I'm thinking about joining, but I am already committed to sketching Every Day in May. Maybe I can do it in June.

  8. Quirky artist, doing it in June would be fine. That's when I'll be doing mine. Just let me know what you decide.

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