Thursday, 17 May 2012

An app tutorial from Dave

If you're interested in learning more about using your apps, read on... Dave at Clearer Reflections has been doing some cool tutorials and you can find one here at iphoneographycentral, which has reviews of apps and more tutorials. An interesting article about Dave's Recipe Book Project is here.
I've been trying to take notes as I work on photos but I didn't manage very well with this one. From memory I put a photo of a hippeastrum into PhotoTropedelic, then blended the result with the original photo, using Blender. I saved, then finished up in XnView Photo, using various options. Next time I'll write it all down...


  1. Carol, thanks again for another cool picture! Using just a couple of the apps you suggested, (mostly Paper Camera) I took a bunch of photos on my iPhone. I would use my Canon camera for some, and then the iPhone when I wanted some special effects. It was great fun. I'll post some on my blog, but will use most of them in my art work.

    Thank you so very much!


  2. Judy, I'll keep an eye on your blog. There are so many interesting apps, so little time to experiment. I'll be keen to see some of your effects in your art work. XOX

  3. This is gorgeous! I just did be posted soon...where I blended with the original. I like the end result so I know I'll use this technique again.

    Thanks so much for the "plugs"!! I do appreciate it!!!!

  4. Dave, I'll be watching out for this. I thought there was a lot of scope for blending with the orifginal.

  5. I'm glad you are creating such wonderful images! I love to see them. And to make them too... they are addictive, arent' they?


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