Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Gardener's Assistant

The original photo was taken on my iPad and saved. In PhotoViva I cropped and made some vague changes. I found it all a bit confusing so saved and opened in Snapseed. I chose Old Lens, then Frame 8. Saved & posted.


  1. Oh, my, what a beautiful, beautiful photo!!

  2. Love the quality of the photo!
    Of course, I love old book bindings, sooo, it's a natural ♥LUV♥.
    Nice work.


  3. Old Books....seems to be a theme at the moment! (o: I do like what you've done here!!!

  4. you are getting some great things happening with your photography Carol! this one gives such a gentle feeling of thoughtful aging.

  5. Meg, thank you, I hope it says I love books and toys!
    Ronnie, I'm pleased to know my elephants are lucky...
    Anne, yes, we both love the same thing.
    Dave, old books are always the theme in my house!
    Mo, I think I'm the one doing the thoughtful ( I hope) aging...


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