Saturday, 30 June 2012

DeMeng give-away. Roll up! Roll up!

Another case of a double purchase! No real excuse for my carelessness but it means I can share this book with my readers. I know I'm not the only fan of Michael DeMeng! He has a huge following and rightly so. He's an amazing assemblage artist, a generous teacher, and, as I know from the several on-line classes I've done with him, he's also a very funny man.

The book is Dusty Diablos. Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Ole. You can check it out on Amazon and take advantage of their Look Inside! feature. I've just noticed as I was taking a photo of the book that it has three pages with the top edge folded over and untrimmed. This can be trimmed by the new owner and takes nothing from the book.

To be in the running, please leave a comment on this post. I'll draw the winner on Sunday 29 July. Please make sure I can reach you by email. Best of luck! This is a fabulous book.
It's winter here of course but apart from a few chilly days, and a few rainy ones, the sunshine is wonderful and for part of the day it's t-shirt weather. I'll probably be proved wrong in the next few hours but right now it really is a magical day. Lots has been happening here, taking advantage of the sun, and Kaz has been performing miracles in the veggie garden, I've been weeding in my very neglected garden and Andy has turned one of his garden sheds into a beautiful saloon bar.

I took some photos on my ipad, using the 360 app. Please click on the panorama to get the full effect. This is the outside, built by Andy.
And this is the inside. The floor space is 6x6' but panelling and clever use of mirrors has turned it into a Tardis. I'm looking for the materials for a garden shed for my Secret Garden and I think I'd like to DeMeng the inside. Wouldn't that be amazing!

Don't forget to leave a comment to be in the draw for Michael's book. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tibbuc breakfast

Once again, it's time for Dave's Recipe Project. App recipe, that is. The subject for my photo is a delicious breakfast made for me last week at "my" country retreat. Home grown egg, grilled haloumi cheese, mushrooms and toasted sourdough bread. Thanks Jen.

Photo taken on my iPad. Opened in iColoramaS, cropped, then used Glass from Effects at full Opacity. Saved.

I liked this but decided to have one more go at it. Still in Effects I chose Waves and fiddled slightly with Feature and Direction. Save. Open in Snapseed, choose Frame 8, Save.

The list of this month's app artists can be found at

Next post I'm giving away a Michael DeMeng book. Watch out for it.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Art Swap, Advanced Style, Forging, DeMenging

A few weeks ago I invited readers to join in the Art is ...You Weird, Wild and Wonderful Art Swap. I have a few interested participants but it's not too late to join in.  
Requirements for participants.
Send in 6 equally beautiful 4x6” pages and get back 5 stunning pages from other participating artists. The sixth page will be retained for two reasons. Firstly it will be photographed and displayed online with your name / blog / website and then it will be included as a page in one of two beautiful handmade books that we will raffle off for charity. Entries must be submitted to your local coordinator by July 30, 2012. I'm the coordinator for Australia & New Zealand, to see the others, go to the website, linked above. If you are interested, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.
 Railway platform taken by Paper Camera in Andy Pop mode.

I've received my copy of Ari Seth Cohen's book Advanced Style this week and have been admiring the beautiful photographs of the incredibly stylish older women of New York and London. Women between the ages of 70 and 100 are featured (and the occasional man) and wow! are they snappy dressers. Their style and enthusiasm for life is inspirational. I follow Ari's blog Advanced Style, from whence came the inspiration for the book.

At the end of May I took part in Keith Lo Bue's forging workshop at the Sydney Jewellery School. Just the greatest fun, learning to flatten and shape steel wire. I think we all fell in love with our hammers. Noisy, with 12 hammers hammering, but a really relaxed class and Keith made it very memorable. I enjoyed it so much I have enrolled in Keith's on-line class Steeling Beauty: Chains, Clasps and Forms, with Steel Wire which runs from July 15 to August 25 as an Artful Gathering On-line Art Retreat.
Kiki Baker, watching the world go by. No idea what I did to it. App happy, that's me.

And as if that's not enough to keep me occupied, I've also enrolled in Michael DeMeng's new on-line workshop Mad Alchemist's Construction Guide. This starts on August 18 and goes for about 2 months.

I'm still apping every day, still following Dave's daily apps on his blog Clearer Reflections. I'm off to the Gloucester countryside tomorrow for a few days, and due to the very nasty weather I expect to be sitting by the fire most of the time, eating, drinking, reading, apping, gosh, it sounds dreadful, doesn't it.

Any takers for the art swap, please let me know. Maybe I'll do some art this weekend too, that would be fun.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

3DPhoto app

I now have close to 100 photo apps! Even I think that is a tad excessive, so I am working my way through them and will discard any I really don't like. Of course, I've rarely thrown out anything in my life, so I'm not sure that I'll be successful.

Today I've been playing with 3D Photo and this is an app that really is a lot of fun. I went out into the garden just before the torrential rain and wind started. Just in time because now it's rampaging out there and probably doing a lot of damage to flowering plants.

3DPhoto app offers the ability to take a photo within the app or to use one from the iPad's photo albums. I took the photo using the iPad camera then opened the app to manipulate the photo. Manipulation is done using the fingers and there is a myriad of permutations.

So here is my original of some Plane Tree seed pods against the backdrop of the garden, and some 3D versions. And of course, they'll be in whatever order Blogger chooses for them.