Friday, 12 July 2013

Binding, assemblage and Aussie birds

I've just spent a most enjoyable afternoon helping my artist friend Ray Maclachlan make a new sketchbook. [Do look at Ray's blog, not only because his water colours are delightful, but also because he paints on the NSW Central Coast, where I live. So if you are wondering just how truly gorgeous it is here, check out Ray's paintings.] Back to the sketchbook. I decided we should make a coptic and for a while there I think Ray thought it was just too fiddly, but he quickly got the hang of using four needles at once and with a lot of laughter we managed to get the book finished in two hours.
Above, just waiting to attach the back cover. Below, Ray with his new sketchbook. Ray will cover the bare boards with some of his water colours.
While I'm showing you Ray's book I'll add one of mine from the very early days of my binding career.  This one was given to my very dear friend Jen, who has used it for many years as a visitor's book, so I'm able to watch how it is holding up over the years. Very well, I'm pleased to say.

In a few days I'm starting Keith Lo Bue's on line workshop Poetry in Motion, making mobiles and stabiles in the style of the wonderful Alexander Calder. Do check out this link. In preparation for Poetry in Motion I've been sorting all my metal working equipment and gathering bits and pieces to use. Scraps of metal, plastic, wood - and I've bought some plastic dragons to try to make a mobile for Eddie. Though that's a secret, okay? Sophia took a great interest in the metal bits/junk, and asked could she make something, saying she thinks she wants to be an assemblage artist! Gosh, so do I!
This is Sophia's first attempt at assemblage, which she has attached to a canvas, to be decorated. She painted the white borders on the brass daisies. Eddie sat at the table and almost immediately made this:
It is, of course, a dragon. Dragons and dinosaurs are the animals of Eddie's choice. As quickly as he'd made it Eddie dismantled his dragon and was off to do some drawing. Lucilla announced that she was going to be an artist who paints. No metal for her.
Part of my recent "loot" was a $2 bucket of really dirty balls - billiard, pool, snooker? Not sure, maybe all of them. 51 balls! Now I'm trying to decide what to make of them.

We've recently had a couple of weeks of torrential rain and down in the Royal National Park the birds were sodden and bedraggled. The girls don't like to feed the wild birds but during this dreadful weather they relented as the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Rainbow Lorrikeets clustered around their door, looking pathetic. Notice the two Rainbow Lorrikeets perched on the chair on the back left - they were absolutely soaked. They had their turn at the seed after the cockies were chased off.
Here's another little fellow from that day. A Rainbow Lorrikeet with attitude. How lucky are we to have such stunning birds around?
That's it for now. If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest I'm there under Carol Cantrell. Lots of books, paper arts, assemblage and of course, dogs.