Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hardly. Ever. Home...

Yesterday's post has vanished into a black hole so I'm trying again. As my title says, I'm hardly ever home these days, dashing from Sydney to Gloucester to Newcastle to Bundeena, and back to Sydney, with the odd night spent at Wamberal, where I desperately try to catch up with my emails. I'm off again in a couple of hours, on my way back to Newtown (and Bundeena) for a few days to help Suzy in her shop. And that's my big news - Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher has opened and is going brilliantly. So much so that they keep selling all their product and are flat out keeping up the production. The shop looks wonderful and is getting some great reviews.
I'm enjoying doing my bit, filling in wherever needed, helping the chef, packing and labelling product, and doing the washing up. Very exhausting, (could it be that I'm a bit long in the tooth for working in a cafe?), but very enjoyable and pretty exciting to see the enthusiastic response from the customers. Those same customers are able to look into the production room where they can see sausages, burger patties and schnitzels coming into being. Suzy, Kenni and Tracy perform their magic. I'm looking forward to a schnitzel burger tonight!
Where else have I been? To Jen's lovely property at Tibbuc, near Gloucester NSW. Jen has put the farm on the market so if you are interested in living in paradise, just have a look at this. Just glorious!
Jen and I went to Newcastle for the weekend and had a couple of nights in the luxury of Noah's on the Beach. We also enjoyed some meals in Noah's restaurant, Jonah's, with its beautiful view over the beach. This was the scene at breakfast.
When I spend my days in Newtown at the shop I spend my nights in Bundeena at Suzy's and Tracy's house by the beach. Last week I managed a few hours there to spend time with Basil Beagle and the chooks, to walk on the beach and to chat with the wildlife. This is a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo who has lost a foot to fishing line left on the beach. He is otherwise healthy but this is a terrible blow for a wild animal and the reason I trek along beaches collecting rubbish.
Within a few seconds on the beach I found this dangerous collection, just a tiny amount of what may  be found in abundance any day on any beach. Each and every piece a death trap. We. Are. SO. Careless.
Just to end, a photo of Cilla in her onesie. Apparently this is a fashion going gang busters with adults at the moment, to my amazement, and I want to know if any of my readers are onesie wearers.
This made Eddie laugh. Me too.