Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas greetings...

Christmas greetings to all my readers, friends, family, new visitors to my blog!

Some of you will remember my little vintage tree, brought to Australia from Vienna by my mother in 1931. Now threadbare, I think it would have been binned long ago if it hadn't been in the possession of such a sentimental family as mine. Many of the glass decorations came with the tree in 1931 but there have been additions every decade since then, and for most of them I remember when my Nana, or my mother, or I collected them. (Not, I hasten to add those in the 1930s!)

Each year I'm very tempted to leave the tree up forever... I don't have any customary beliefs about when the tree should go up or come down, and as I get older I tend to wish to surround myself with the objects I particularly love. Books, family treasures, my Christmas tree...

To you all, my very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and may 2014 bring us all what we most need, may be it peace, love, joy, and especially good health. Goodwill and compassion to all can only be a good thing.

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