Saturday, 22 February 2014

Be careful what you wish for...

My Secret Garden was seriously in shade, surrounded by overhanging branches. I had a plan, just to thin out the worst of them, loosening up the canopy, keeping the ambience and the Secrecy, but perhaps just giving me a wider selection of plantings. Seemed simple enough... So along comes the charming tree expert who takes one look, says the branches can be thinned - BUT my beloved, precious, magnificent, ancient jacaranda is seriously dangerous and must come down! Sure, it was leaning at a 40 degree angle, hanging over the fence and almost onto the road, branches were dropping frequently, and there was a massive crack along the main trunk but it was an interesting shape and magnificent when in bloom.

My first response was to argue of course, then I considered sobbing and jumping up and down on the spot but I could see that wouldn't go down well. My 8 year old grand daughter was as shocked as I, but we eventually decided to behave like adults and gave our permission. It was a dreadful day, very hot and humid, and I had to keep Peggy the Jack Russell indoors all day because she was delirious with excitement and in danger of getting squished. I couldn't watch the demolition so when the loppers finally left Peggy and I went out to find the garden transformed.

Top left, the jacaranda stump and agapanthus; top right, a 1 metre lilly now bent sideways; bottom left, my small azalea bed and ground covers almost destroyed by branches being pulled across it; bottom right, a pile of logs I still need to move.

The first impression is that the garden is now enormous. The jacaranda took up so much space lying across the garden that suddenly the big (surviving) beds of hydrangeas and azaleas seem suddenly diminished. The jacaranda has been cut off at about a metre, hopefully so that there will be regrowth that will flower. Fingers crossed!

Looking on the bright side, which I invariably do as I'm a born Pollyanna, I now have masses more room to garden! WooHoo! And now the branches have been thinned out I think my little garden/window house may be closer. All my collected windows are lined up along the fence just waiting to become a work of art. In the mean time, about 1000 bulbs will arrive in March so I'll be a busy gardener. Can't wait!

Always a welcome visitor in my garden is the native Triangle Slug. I hope it survived the lopping mayhem. The birds seem to be still around and one thing I now have room for will be more native plants to encourage more birds.

On a completely different topic, I'm going to Brisbane to Adele Outeridge's Studio West End to attend a four day workshop with Keith Lo Bue. I've wanted to do his Precious Little: Poetics of the Found-Object. This is at the end of March and I'm pretty darned excited, not only to see Keith again but to see Adele and Wim, as it is nearly 10 years since I was last there.

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