Friday, 2 May 2014

Autumn garden

Since I haven't blogged for ages, and I'm able to use the local library's wifi, I'm snatching the opportunity to put down a few words. Our internet at home has been down for ages and won't be back up for another week. Very frustrating. Thank goodness for the iPad and iPhone which work most of the time.

I know I haven't shown any photos yet of Keith Lo Bue's wonderful workshop in Brisbane but think I need my computer for that. So instead I have some photos of my autumn garden, where the bulbs are bursting forth ( and I still have several hundred to plant), the azaleas are confused about the season, and toadstools abound.

Next week, Keith Lo Bue! I promise. Oh, and I'm meant to be doing an online workshop with Michael DeMeng right now but so far have missed the first week and a half. Sigh... Fingers crossed our internet will be up before it's all over.

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