Friday, 7 November 2014

Gardens, new books and hammers

I think this must be my longest gap without posting. Lots of excuses of course, though none seem valid enough to actually put into print. So, off I go.

My trip to New Zealand was abandoned sadly, and from all accounts I missed a great conference. I will give links to it in my next post.

I think first I'll just show you some springtime garden photos. Spring veers from summer to almost winter, usually on the same day, but the garden has really enjoyed the weather - and so have the weeds. Hippeastrums, Wisteria, Peggy in the garden, and my tomatoes:

I've indulged in some more new books! No room on the shelves but that doesn't daunt me of course...
Nothing makes me happpier than books! Unless it's my grand children.
 The Art Abandonment Project, Michael deMeng and Andrea Matus deMeng. Read about it here.
The Spirit Books, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord. Here to read about the Spirit Books..
 The Jewelry Maker's Design Book, Deryn Mentock. More here.
The Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine, a gift from Art is You Down Under. See Jeanne d'Arc here.
Paint Mojo, Tracy Verdugo. LOVE! Here.
Brave Intuitive Painting, Flora Bowly. Link here.
 The Mixed Media Artist, Seth Apter. Book here. And Seth's DVD (have that too) here.

My favourite book of all was released in October - Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Kitchen. Yes, my Suzy's cook book is out and we are very happy with it. Selling well... First photo is the seitan skewers I made and barbequed from the book. The meat eaters loved them. So did I. Link. And link for the book.

Now for my hammers. I'm kind of a compulsive buyer of saws and hammers. I just love the look of them and last weekend I found a couple of new ones. This shows just a few of my hammers.
And here is a closer look at my copper hammer. Looks gorgeous and well used. If anyone would like to tell me about it, I'd love to hear.
Well, lots of pictures, not much news but I am hammering and reading a lot. And trying to garden, aching body willing. Off to the countryside for a few days, leaving the garden in the tender hands of my family. I'll try to avoid bushfires and floods... both possibilities. Drought is a given. It just depends on which way I head.


  1. Oooh.
    Loving your garden. And your books. Bliss. And later I will track down Suzy Spoon's book - for me, and for a friend.
    Have a great fire and flood free jaunt away.

  2. Dear EC, Well, I love your garden too. Yes, the books have made me very happy over the past couple of months.

  3. photos of your beautiful garden, lots of good books and tools, have never seen a copper hammer it would be soft... so it must be for gentling the material!

    1. Hi Mo, I'm not sure about the copper hammer either so I guess I'm about to Google it. I'm sure Barry will know, I think he has something similar. I love your expression "gentling the material."

  4. Hi C - have missed your posts - good to have you back. And whilst I loved your photos of flowers and books it of course was the hammers that drew my eye. I agree one can't have too many hammers.I have about 24 in my tool kit - all get used for different purposes. I too have solid copper hammer - I purchased mine in Japan - great for doing work where one needs a solid heavy blow but not the marks on the metal; and also good for metal stamps - does not burr the tools. Go well and enjoy the hammering. B

    1. Hi B - yes, I do love the hammers. I googled the copper hammer and came across a warning about baryllium copper. Not sure if this is what my hammer is, but there were several comments about not grinding or polishing copper hammers because if they are baryllium, it is carcinogenic! Still, they seem to be selling them freely so I'll keep loving mine and I won't grind it.

    2. Sorry, that should be beryllium copper, not baryllium.

  5. Hi C - good advice about not grinding the copper hammers - thought always good to do that sort of thing outdoors anyway. Peace. B

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